Dreamy landscapes the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Canada

Today we start the month with a dream scape, those that are reflected in postcards, which serve as an exceptional location for movies where documentaries are recreated and where the traveler feels that the time stops and you have to taste the show offered before your eyes. We go to the Valley of the Ten Peaks in the province of Alberta, Canada.


The Valley of the Ten Peaks is located in the Banff National Park valley, and seeing the images quickly understand why his name. We are located about 14 kilometers away from the town of Lake Louise and the lake is at an altitude of about 1884 meters above sea level. You can reach the valley without problems because of its proximity to the highway ice fields which runs through the national park. Continue reading “Dreamy landscapes the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Canada”

Travel to Chapada Diamantina in Brazil

Brazil is a huge country full of contrasts in which each state is different and its 200 million inhabitants are the product of a racial, religious and cultural mix that can hardly be found in other countries. In my previous trips, he had known southern Brazil never venturing north of the unforgettable Rio de Janeiro. This time I tried to learn something of Bahia, although I was not hard to verify that it was impossible to discover this wonderful land in the two weeks I had. After a few days discovering and living the warm state capital Salvador the group of journalists with traveling back started my solo trip.


Chapada Diamante has an almost equivalent to that of Catalonia extension so it has access several villages. However, the most popular is Lençois I made the journey about 425 km of six hours on a bus from the Federal Fast Company and was a luxury. Comfortable seating Wi-Fi and as was half-empty I could knock me two seats. The price is about Royals 73-80 at the box office out about 74 more 1,70 shipping rate but on the web may cost a little more for management expenses. Continue reading “Travel to Chapada Diamantina in Brazil”

Walls fortresses and passion in the beautiful Carmona

Overlooking one of the battlements of the powerful defensive towers of the contemplate the beautiful profile of Carmona. As a beautiful interracial wife, shaped by the different civilizations that settled in the area is illuminated under the bright light of a hot afternoon in early October. Her skin, smooth and white, the small houses are snow-white facades dotted along the maze of streets of exceptional historic center. Curves and voluptuousness put them against all logic the high towers of the churches.


It is the first view I have of the city and I look forward to meet you at ground level. But before the Romans and Phoenicians settled here Tartars, Iberians. Its origin dates back to the eighth century BC, when a tower base rose circular was part of a broader defensive set. Somewhat later would be the Carthaginians who would build a bulwark on the first tower giving it a square appearance. Continue reading “Walls fortresses and passion in the beautiful Carmona”

Thanksgiving in New York

It is a very important holiday for the entire United States so much so that if you are sightseeing in New York you had better book at a restaurant where you can celebrate your own Thanksgiving if you do not want to look like Will Smith in the movie of I am Legend.


Happy Thanksgiving

Most businesses, including the Stock Exchange (NYSE) are closed that day, to give you an idea or Christmas Day really the Big Apple as desert. Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. The Thanksgiving Day we know America was born as a harvest festival ie, a simple harvest festival. Continue reading “Thanksgiving in New York”

Travel to Basque Country and fall in love

If something could not miss was a guide to one of the most wonderful places, the Basque Country. Let you be conquered by the great and charismatic destinations in this geographical area and immerse yourself in a culture with thousands of years of history and mysteries. To facilitate planning your trip and to repeat as no doubt you will love each crannies you visit we have classified these extraordinary places separating them in the three provinces that make up the Basque Country.


Comb of the Winds

This work of sculptor Eduardo Chillida is located on the coast at the foot of Mount. It is an excellent place to appreciate the power of the sea as the waves break directly on rocks where the sculptures are located. Following the route of the new ride, from the top of Mount Argall you can see the bay and part of the city of San Sebastian. In addition, what better way to end a ride that taking a few spikes in classical and more known old part of San Sebastian? Continue reading “Travel to Basque Country and fall in love”

Natural parks that you can not miss

Mother Nature has this incredible ability to leave us speechless speechless at his nondescript artworks that make us feel so small and insignificant. In this article, we will discuss the 10 most spectacular natural parks able to impress anyone. If the name is impressive, imagine the place. This is a very special place because it is the natural park less visited by tourists from all over America.


Receiving little more than ten thousand tourists a year this place is known for being the most pristine and impressive parks in the world. In fact, there are no roads or lanes to enter the park. You can only access one way, by air taxi. If you want to surround yourself with nature, away from civilization and be amazed with views sometimes shocking, this is your place. Continue reading “Natural parks that you can not miss”

Dream places for lovers series

Did you happen to disconnect best way to move to the fiction of your favorite series? Realize your dreams and transport you to a total novelistic world thanks to these guide iconic locations. Taking into account just finished the series Game of Thrones I feel obliged to start with this magnificent series.


Mountain land of the Barden as

In the same country that collects these lands of the barbarian tribe in fiction, we can find the iconic Tower of Joy (Tower of Joy). Although his original name, Castillo de Zafra, and real history are not so known worth visiting is so iconic tower that has become the “cradle” of one of the most important theories of the series (R + L = J ). Continue reading “Dream places for lovers series”

The Greek Islands is a very significant tourist attraction

Holidays in the Greek islands

In recent years, with cheaper flights and great deals for travel on cruises in the Mediterranean, Baltic and Greek Islands, the number of tourists has grown significantly and thus, the number of fans of these Mediterranean corners. We leave you 10 ideas for perfect holiday in the Greek Islands.


The Athenians made wealthy relaxing weekend getaway to charming Hydra: cars, motorbikes and high-rise buildings are prohibited on the island. It is characterized by the wealth of art galleries and museums in eighteenth century mansions. There are many restaurants serving seafood Hydra; you can also try the traditional taverns in the small village of Kamini 40 minute walk around the headland. Orloff is a small boutique hotel that was once a historic house near the port. How to get there there are ferries and catamarans from Piraeus, many of which continue to Sepses, another island luxury. Continue reading “The Greek Islands is a very significant tourist attraction”

Scotland and the Highlands Travel Tips

You have seen hundreds of images of its cliffs and castles, but do not know where to start you will have time to visit the most beautiful corners? With these tips we will help you make the most of your seven days in Scotland. If you can choose travels to Scotland in summer and if in August, we assure you that you will not forget ever It ‘s not just because of the weather in winter cold rain and wind can blacken your trip but for the daylight hours. During the winter in Scotland gets dark very early (about 1530), whereas in summer you will enjoy many hours of daylight dawns on 5.00.


You can start your journey from Edinburgh Airport or from Glasgow Prestwick. If you do not want to waste a lot of time and you like to organize your trip at your own pace we suggest you fly to Prestwick smaller and more economical in every way. If you arrive at night you can stay in the same town of Prestwick just cross the road to get, and a taxi will cost no more than 3 pounds. Continue reading “Scotland and the Highlands Travel Tips”

Tips for traveling to Norway

Norway Sweden and Finland distant countries, that once you go and visit them you feel that something you join them for life. Norway is special both its cold climate for its enchanted landscapes, palaces, parks, famous and wild Vikings. As part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and located in Northern Europe, Norway has a privileged situation with coast and mountains while not very high give it a magic that make this country one of the countries with most tourism resources Europe.


Vigeland Park located in the country’s capital Oslo is one of the most famous parks but most of all Norway and one of the most beautiful parks in Europe also known as Sculpture Park. The city of Bergen is declared a World Heritage Site and second most populous city in Norway. Continue reading “Tips for traveling to Norway”