Sailing holidays can be a wonderful experience; one that you will remember for the rest of your life, but before you go sailing off into the sunset you must make your plans very carefully to ensure that your sailing holiday runs as smooth as the breeze without any unexpected surprises.

Depending on whether you are a couple or a family with kids who are embarking on your first sailing holiday vacation, all parties will have to be considered in your planning, in order to make your sailing holiday a truly memorable one.

1. Official Papers:

Make sure that you have a valid passport and that you have the necessary visas for the countries you are planning to visit. Also get as much information as possible about the places you intend to visit and any special regulations they might require.

This should also include things like whether you need to have a certain type of vaccination before entering a country and things like that. When packing those passports, fishing licenses, captain’s license etcetera be sure you stow them in a waterproof pouch as you will quickly be surprised by how everything gets wet at some point or another on a boat.

2. Charter or Cruise:

If you are in possession of a sailing license and are planning on chartering a yacht and sailing it yourself, well you should check out as many charter companies as you can and compare prices and facilities etc. You should base your choice on the number of people included in your sailing holiday plan and also on the cost.

On the other hand if you are going to go on one of those sailing holidays cruise that are piloted by a vacation oriented cruise line well that just makes things a bit simpler. You will have less work to do and lots more time to relax and enjoy your sailing holiday with your family.

3. Clothes & Luggage:

Sailing holidays are casual events, so you can leave those cocktail dresses behind, unless of course you are going on a pleasure cruise well then you will need to pack for the occasion.

But for those private family sailing holidays, shorts, T-shirts, sneakers, sweatpants and sweaters (it can get pretty cold on the seas at night) are ideal for the men, and the same applies for the women and children except the ladies might want to pack a nice pair of sandals and a few summer dresses to spice up their evening wear.

The kids can pack their pajamas along with their regular clothes, shorts, jerseys, sneakers, slippers, as it will make them feel more comfortable, making their sailing holiday a home away from home.

4. Life Vests & Life Boats:

Assuming that you are the Captain of the yacht just out to enjoy a quiet family sailing holiday, then it is your duty to ensure that there are enough life vests, and the life boats are in tact and ready for use.

5. Food and Drink:

Pack lots of canned foods and plenty of water, you can never have too much food or water whilst you are out there in the middle of the ocean with not a single grocery store in sight to purchase any last minute or forgotten items. So be sure and stock up on plenty of these. Of course you should also buy fresh meats, fruits and vegetable which you can keep in the refrigerator of your galley.

6. Medicinal Supplies:

Visit your family doctor and ask him for some extra prescriptions for any medicine that you or anyone in your family may be taking so you won’t run out of supplies while on your sailing holidays.

Whilst you are there it would also be a good idea to ask him for some antibiotic prescriptions, you know the ones where you have to mix them yourself, that way you will be prepared in case someone gets ill and need some antibiotics.

Also stock up on band aids, antiseptics, lots of pain killers as a headache at sea is much worse than one on land where your head isn’t moving with every wave and don’t forget those sea sick pills, they might come in very handy, for the not so seasoned sailor.

7. Things You Must Have:

Like all holidays, sailing holidays requires some emergency supplies, so be sure and stock up on those flashlights in case you lose power, matches to light lamps, blankets to keep you warm, and some sort of portable heating system, and probably the most important of all are flares in case you need to send up a distress signal.

Know how to operate your ship to shore radio and be sure that batteries for it are still working. Now that cell phones are becoming more sophisticated you might actually come across one that receives signals way out in the ocean, which would be a good idea in case all else fails.

8. Good Practice While At Sea:

Don’t let the kids take too many showers as you will find that your water supply will be gone in no time at all. Try and limit the amount of electricity that you use, turn off all lights during the day time unless it is absolutely necessary. You don’t want your sailing holidays to turn into a nightmare because you ran out of water or someone forgot to turn off the lights and you find yourself low of power to start your yacht.

9. Washing Clothes:

Wash your dirty clothes anytime you pull into a port, as this will save your water supply, or there are detergents designed especially for sailing holidays in mind whereby they turn salt water into fresh water for washing clothes and this can also work for dishes.

10. Kids Safety On Deck:

Always make sure that the kids wear life jackets when on deck and this is also true for adults, remember decks can be slippery and it is very easy for someone to slip and fall off the side of the yacht. After all that planning you don’t want to have a mishap that would spoil your wonderful sailing holiday.

Sailing holidays are an ideal way for a family to spend time together, to get to know one another and to do things together. So go out and have a blast, take lots of photos and when you come back you will be able to boast to your friends and neighbors of the fabulous time you had and you will have the photos to prove it. Enjoy!!

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Sailing holidays can be a wonderful experience; one that you will remember for the rest of your life, but before you go sailing off into the sunset you must make your plans very carefully to ensure that your sailing holiday runs as smooth as the breeze without any unexpected...