In June comes the first holiday season of the year. We would like it to be days when the head is only focused on relaxing and having a good time, but, unfortunately, also have to dedicate a few thoughts to your pocket. In addition, we must make an account as soon as possible, with a cold head and feet well placed on the earth, not to return from our journey with more burdens than we take.

travel on vacation

Before leaving for a trip, the first thing that will determine your options is whether you will travel alone, as a couple or as a group. Without company, you will know what kind of tastes you are willing to sacrifice. If other people go with you sometimes you will be dependent on the rate they spend, but you may also consider options to save a few pesos, such as ‘making a cow’ to rent a car instead of traveling by plane or staying In a comfortable apartment instead of paying a hotel and all its services.

The next step is the budget. After adding and subtracting, clearly state how much money you have available to spend. Consider tickets, gas and tolls lodging and food Parks or museums Transfers from one place to another and even the souvenirs. Do not forget the unexpected, like a mechanical fault in your car. Travel, in addition, with medical insurance. When you are clear how much you have, you can start looking for a place that fits your financial capacity. For example, if you want to spend your vacation at sea, you can look for a virgin beach or some town where resorts do not alter prices recommends Finance Practices, the financial program of Visa Inc.

To choose the destination

In your research, the advice of a travel agency can be useful if you prefer not to be entangled by setting up your own plan. It will give you information on the destination, when it is more or less crowded, and the price according to the season. If you choose to eliminate the intermediary and take command, there is the sea of ​​infinite possibilities that is Internet.

You can find information about different destinations, ways to get there, and activities to do and places to stay the sofa of a stranger, through Couch surfing a rented apartment, through Air bnb a modest hostel or a five star hotel. In this search, keep in mind the comments of other users and tourists who have already lived the experience. Just be careful because they can be written from fake accounts. Consult multiple sources to confirm that the information is correct.

The web is plagued with packages and good deals, so be aware, read the terms and conditions. Keep in mind, too, that the cost of air tickets will depend on the time and day you choose – between Friday and Wednesday, and between one week and the next, the price can change radically. If you decide to make the purchase online, make sure it is a reliable site. The Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce recommends that, when it comes to trading on the web, do not make purchases through a public Wi-Fi network and use a computer that has an antivirus installed.

Also, make sure that the website has the letters ‘https’ at the beginning of the address – it is a guarantee of security and to have the operating system of the computer the browser updated. Always keep receipts for your transaction. If you use it during your trip, remember that interest will come later. You will not want to pay for coffee for 12 months and for three times what it originally cost. In addition, if the ride is abroad, keep in mind that the rate of change varies: when you take off the plane every dollar can cost you 2,800 pesos, but in two days you can go up and disregard the accounts.

Plan and save

The key to success in making money more is to plan. “Everything depends on the destination and the number of passengers. In the case of couples and a national destination, the ideal is to organize the walk between 3 and 6 months before. If it is international and with the whole family, the best formula is a year in advance added Cortes.

Vacation must be part of the overall budget of our lives, as recommended by the financial planning firm Old Mutual. After being clear how much we earn and how much we spend in a fixed and variable way, monthly and annually it will be possible to “identify how you can start saving and thus face future needs, such as your children’s education, retirement or vacations.

Do not forget, in addition, loyalty programs, like the redemption of miles of the airlines. Today there are credit cards that are great allies of people interested in traveling by plane for every purchase, they make, they give them miles. Therefore, if you are wise, you can get used to paying everything with plastic money, get out of debts in the first installment and the ticket is paid.

Finally, consider going to the bank to recommend other savings possibilities. A useful and practical alternative is to open a fiduciary: every month you can transfer, through the entity’s website, a percentage of your income (whatever you want) to that intangible space that is not so easy to access, and so He will not have silver at hand in the face of temptation. KayeTravel Tipsplaces to go on holiday,wanna get away deals
In June comes the first holiday season of the year. We would like it to be days when the head is only focused on relaxing and having a good time, but, unfortunately, also have to dedicate a few thoughts to your pocket. In addition, we must make an account...